Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scratch & sniff...

Well, maybe not. But tell me, WHEN is someone going to make it so we can upload scent to the Internet? Maybe that would open a can of worms best left closed.... but I would really love to share the scent of my old lilacs with you! The paler, light lavender ones are the really old ones, and they smell like Heaven must smell! The more purple ones smell lovely, too. Also in bloom are a billion strawberries, so we're trying to eat up those in the freezer from last summer quickly. I've had strawberries in one form or another twice today, and twice yesterday. Life is hard.

The flowering crab is covered with it's blooms still in the round bud state, just ready to burst into full bloom. I love that bud state, though, and it is the flower that I used on the lower border of the Spring tapestry. As the buds open, the bees come; soon the whole tree will be buzzing loudly... the sound of spring!
I am working at least an hour every day in the garden now. I have learned not to stress over all the work needing done there at this time of year. I could work myself to death, and would be buried with weeds still in the strawberry bed. An hour a day is enough to keep the garden from being overwhelmed with weeds, and me from being overwhelmed with the WORK of it all. An hour is the right amount to pull weeds while still enjoying the scent of the nearby lilacs. An hour is enough to let my muscles know they have been at work, but to not exhaust them. I am enjoying my garden time. It precedes my sitting-on-the-porch time, and how can I not enjoy that?


Margaret said...

I love the border from that tapestry!

Speaking of scent over the internet, did you hear the news the other day about cellphones that will be able to do "scent messages"? It's a little weird, but sort of cool too. I guess all of the phones will be equipped with a variety of different chemicals that can be mixed to emit certain scents, like lilac. Hmm.

Gillian L. said...

Your tapestry is so beautiful! I grew up in a small rural community and I find scents and certain sounds bring back important memories for me. I also love the smell of lilacs as almost everyone seemed to have a bush when I was a child. I have three in my own garden for that very reason. Your blog is lovely!