Monday, April 21, 2008

Back home, for a bit...

I feel bad about saying, even briefly, that any part of my home state of Colorado is 'not scenic.' EVERY part of Colorado is scenic! So I took a few road shots of our short trip to share. They begin with the view from the patio door of the condo we were staying in: a wall of snow! The big round topped mountain is Buffalo Mountain, which was where we were staying. The highway between here and there includes the most expensive stretch of road anywhere. It took years to build, as it follows the river through a somewhat deep and narrow canyon wall. The last few shots are coming home shots. When I see the top of the Grand Mesa over the tops of the mountains, I know I am coming home. The huge Mt. Garfield rock formation greets us as we come into our valley. The final shot is of the sun yesterday evening, the wind blew dust here from Utah all afternoon, and by evening, it was very eerie here. You couldn't see our surrounding mountains, and the sun looked like a giant bright ball in the haze.

So today, I'm celebrating my birthday in various ways, plus doing a good bit of work. Then we're going up to the cabin for a few more days. It will be Very scenic! Ha!

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