Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Published by... Grandma!

The last time I was with my grandchildren, my 4-year old grand-daughter dictated and drew illustrations for a story. I told her I would make it into a book for her. This is a child that never forgets anything, so I decided I'd better get it done! So here it is, "The Cat That Lost It's Balance... Forever."
(The illustrations are adapted classic children's illustrations, enhanced by Katie's drawings.)

Is my budding author grand-daughter clever, or what? This whole story is, I believe, based on a dance class she is taking. I'm betting she and other little dancers quite often 'lose their balance,' which she pronounces 'valance' as in 'vallerina' and her 'vallet' class.

I love Siren, and Little Laura cracks me up! Notice the plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and that the bed has been tided up the second time she drew it. The figure on the bed is her Elmo doll. I'm sorry, but sometimes grandmothers just have to revel in CUTE!


Anonymous said...

This is the best book I have read in years!.....so much fun......my favorite part is where the meatballs have their balance on the top of the spaghetti--a true childhood observation....tell her I am now her fan on the East Coast and look forward to her book signings at Barnes and Noble...this reminds me of a day about 3 years ago when my extended were in from Ohio for a visit...we had a culture day and went to the Met in NYC....her favorite was the Degas sculpture of the ballerina...a man was sitting in front of it sketching and she was mesmerized....on the way home she was making a little fold over book with crayons of the trip...it related the paintings of Van Gogh which were so exciting to her and she was busily drawing those cirles in the dark blue night sky...then a small voice came from the back seat asking, "Dad, how do you spell "star-ry?".....these are such small moments in our time as Grannys that we are so lucky to have.....from Janet K in NJ

Andy said...

I like it.
On an unrelated note, you should look at this blog on travel journals. You could upload some of yours!

OzWeaver said...


What a sweet book, and you are a great grandmother to make Laura's ideas something real!

And on another note....many thanks for your sage advice to me recently! I have a feeling I'd enjoy having coffee with you! Maybe we'll meet at Convergence this summer!


Margaret said...

Very cute indeed! I love the "enhanced" drawings.