Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life is what happens...

I got an envelope in today's mail that included last week's issue of "Explore" (the entertainment magazine) from the Farmington, NM Daily Times. The cover has my "September" tapestry on it! A nice surprise, as was the award check that also came in the envelope.

I have not been weaving this week, nor have I painted in the studio since last Saturday. Sometimes there are other things that are more important. This week, sidewalk chalk art and crayons have been the house mediums, as my son and two of my grandchildren have been visiting. The watercolor below of flowers (her current specialty) was done by my 5-yr. old grand-daughter, and the marker bird was done by her 3-year old brother. He also did a hummingbird (same look, in a smaller size and with a longer beak) and several amazing portraits of Barack Obama, a family hero.

They left this morning, and this afternoon, I painted with the Alzheimers patients. A gentleman and I both painted a jersey cow, and I met several new Alzheimer's painters, though I am missing some of my previous 'regulars.' So I have not been totally uncreative, just haven't been doing my own work. I will get back to it soon, though. I am almost at the mid-way point in the "January' tapestry and have an underpainting done of a large oil painting that I am anxious to complete!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on the cover of Explore! That's wonderful!