Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Not at the bottom, and not at the top...'

I am at the halfway point in this tapestry, and I am finally beginning to like it! Some pieces go that way. I like the maquette and I trust that, if I follow it, I will like the resulting tapestry. But sometimes it takes awhile for me to see enough result from all that trusting and following to be able to imagine that the tapestry will be what I want it to be.

This photo shows what is visible on the loom right now... about six inches. There is more wrapped around the beam, but of course it can't be seen. I am beginning to see the shadow shapes. The tapestry, "January," is to be of bare trees and their shadows on the snowy street in front of my house as seen from above (from my second floor window, in fact.) Not only am I liking how it is beginning to look, but I am really enjoying making those small organic shapes! And I'm even liking the greys! It helps to be having a bit more work time the past few days. Just as my husband says, "a tired puppy is a happy puppy," it is also true that a working artist is a happy artist.

(By the way, the quote at the top of this post is from AA Milne's poem "Halfway Down the Stairs," which I still frequently sing to myself when I get to the landing halfway down our stairs. You can hear it sung by a Muppet here... which is from whom I learned the song version many years ago, when I had small voices to sing it with me! )


Jennifer said...

It looks wonderful! I understand there's a point where it finally becomes what you like. If you are like me, that will give you more incentive to get in there and fall in love iwth it even more! Glad to hear you've found ways to get a tired puppy - that's an achievement!

Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

KAthy Loved the video. I have been trying to find the Milne poem. Not at the bottom not at the top is great way to explain half done-almost.

J. Austin - said...

I think the poem is at the very beginning of "When We Were Very Young."

Sometimes you are just too close when you're at the loom, and you have to get back to see what it looks like. Sometimes it just doesn't look like anything til you reach a certain point. I think it looks wonderful.

Margaret said...

The shadows in the snow look so lifelike. It's just lovely!

OzWeaver said...

This is so beautiful! You've definitely captured a moment! I know that feeling of waiting for the image to come together as I weave the little shapes. You have a total success here!