Saturday, August 15, 2009

Playing catch-up...

With a busy, busy puppy in the house, I am falling far behind in my work, and in housework (which is also 'my work'), as well! In addition, our internet provider was out all day yesterday, and I had this feeling that I was missing important emails all day long.

I did the 9x12" painting above in small moments this past week. Actually, I did all of the underpainting in one half-hour puppy nap, then finished it up whenever I could sneak in a moment or two. The Winefest is coming up, and it is evidently a very good sales time at the Blue Pig Gallery. So they have suggested that we do something that might appeal to people who come to it. I don't want to do anything large, expensive or too time consuming for it, because I have never found that kind of 'creating to sell' to be profitable for me, but I wanted to do this painting anyway. It is of the lake where our cabin is, viewed from the Lodge porch. So I guess it will be called "Lodgeview, Vega Lake." Nothing like the obvious! I guess I could call it "A Fine Colorado White Wine" or just "Colorado Wine," but those seem like pretentious little titles, with a somewhat unctuous bouquet.

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J. Austin - said...

I like "obvious" titles, because my primary goal in choosing a title is for myself to be able to remember which painting or tapestry belongs to which title! Another, more positive description of this kind of title would be "informative."