Sunday, August 16, 2009

WWJD? or What Would Jane Do?

In the past 2 1/2 months, 1 1/2 months worth of my time has been spent in either having or being guests. That is how Colorado summers go.

But that, in addition to having a new puppy in the house, have added up to a realization that my goal of having this oh-so-small-and-quick-to-weave tapestry off the loom by the end of August is just not going to be met. I truly hate not meeting my self-imposed goals! Although I have let nobody down but myself, it is still always a huge disappointment.

So, I ask myself, what would my heroine Jane do? Jane had her own ambitions. For the most part, she kept them to herself, as nobody took them seriously. Well, that I can relate to.

Jane would sneak off into her private sanctuary, a room with a squeaky door so she would know in advance if anyone was coming, and she could hide her work away. I can also relate to the squeaky doors - and floorboards and stairways. I always know in advance if anyone is coming!

But I don't have a maid in my kitchen cooking for me and my guests, as Jane did. Nor do I have a loyal sister in the house, willing to take on some of my share of the social duties of hostess for me, as Cassandra did so Jane could work.

So, drop Jane into my life, and what would she do? I don't think she would give up on her goals. Perhaps she would sneak into the studio to work when the rest of the house was asleep? But, Jane, how tired can you get for your work? Will your passion to meet the goal overcome exhaustion? And would you never feel cranky and put upon? Yes, actually, you would feel cranky and put upon.

Well, this "What Would Jane Do?" exercise is not yielding me much respite from my frustration, as I know she had her frequent frustrations, as well. Perhaps I need a different heroine to help me solve my problems.

WWHD? (or What Would Hermione Do?) Now she would have a solution for me! Does anyone have a spare working wand they can loan me? Or perhaps a 'time turner?' (Though I think I prefer the wand... ah! what I could do with a wand!... and maybe a Wonder Woman lasso...)

More company arriving tomorrow, for a week's stay.


Jennifer said...

Love it! As a side, I understand the Jane has been said to have been an INTJ - from Myres Briggs. I only know this because I am also. She would have been a systems builder - completely revolutionizing whatever system she was involved in - BIG picture stuff. She would be creative to work around contraints particularly in ways that are synergistic. That was her wand. So maybe to follow Jane - think bigger, wider, broader.

K Spoering said...

Interesting - I am an IMFJ. It's probably that 'F' that gets me overwhelmed at times!