Monday, August 31, 2009

Just peachy!


Western Colorado is know for it's wonderful, juice-dripping-down-your-arm-to-your-elbow peaches. Really - that's what people look for, and find, in the peaches grown here! I have been having home made peach ice cream almost daily for the last month. I haven't eaten cereal without huge juicy chunks of fresh peach on it for about that long, and my most common breakfast is just a peach, a slice of cinnamon toast, and a cup of coffee. These aren't wimpy peaches, either! They are the size of a softball, not a baseball. The Peach Festival here is a big deal... bigger than the Corn Festival or even the Wine Festival. (We are big on festivals.)
My small paintings have been doing pretty well in the gallery. I got a call Saturday that I need to replace ones sold. So yesterday I began this 6x6" oil painting on masonite, and I finished it this morning. At least, I think I'm done with it. I had at first painted in a very dark background, then I wiped it out, thinking I'd re-paint it, but I just really fell in love with the scratchy left-behind background the paper towel left behind, and I think I'll leave it. In response to the loose background, I decided to paint the rest of it loosely, and I like it, too. What do you think?


Sue S said...

YUMM, JUST LOVE IT. We have been enjoying some that come from South Carolina that are like that, What a wonderful time of year.

K Spoering said...

Ah, yes, I have heard there are some good peaches in the south. I remember navigating in Atlanta! It went something like, "we're looking for Peachtree Avenue! We're ON Peachtree Street! No, NOT Peachtree Circle!"

Jennifer said...

I love the painting and congrats on having so many sell that you need to get cracking again! How wonderful!

J. Austin - said...

I like the loose background. I always like paintings that look spontaneous and where you can see the "hand of the artist."

And the peaches, YUM, I'm jealous. We just saw some peaches in the grocery store here in Copenhagen, and they were still green! Oh well, it's a small price to pay!

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I agree! Western slope peaches (that is western slope of Colorado) are absolutely the best. I'll drive hours to get them if I have to. Fortunately some of them trickle down around Chama or the SLV and I don't have to drive all the way to Montrose!