Thursday, February 11, 2010

A bit more work done... and FOUND!

Most of today was spent running errands, and helping a friend who just had some surgery. But I got into the studio this evening long enough to finish this little painted sketch of my neighbor's house, which I think I posted before while in progress. I enjoyed looking out my sitting room window so much to see that bit of red, when all else was grey this winter, so I had to paint it. I will take it over to them for Valentine's Day.

I also posted this portrait while in progress earlier. I think I am happier with it, now that I made some needed corrections this evening. I will give it to the girl who posed for me also this weekend.

Last March, almost a year ago, I posted that I was searching everywhere for a photo I wanted to do something with because I couldn't get it out of my mind. I looked for weeks... to no avail. But, looking for something else (of course) I FOUND it! In a place I would never have looked for it. It is the one of the woman in the cowgirl outfit. My dad told me she was someone he had worked with, but he had no idea why she was dressed like this. The photo had belonged to his parents. I just think it has such a 'story' to it, even though I am not sure what the story is. It's in the 30's or 40's, and I don't think adults dressed up for Halloween then, plus, this is a pretty fancy outfit for Halloween. Look at those open-toed boots! The other two photos were hiding with this one; one of another woman on horseback from about the same era, and a much older one of two women in gardening hats. I don't know if I stashed them all together for a reason? But I am glad to have found them.

Today was lovely! The sun shone, and I went about town with no coat, gloves or boots, and I had to wear my sunglasses for the first time in months. I usually wear my sunglasses always. We are at such a high altitude, that the sun is very bright and warm when it shines. I believe it only made it to the upper thirty's today, but everywhere I went, people were smiling and chatting about the wonderful day. We've been a pretty grumpy town this winter. We are clearly all fair-weather folks. It is forecasted to possibly hit 40 degrees this weekend, for the first time since November. We will all be quite giddy with joy if that happens!


Theresa said...

The two small paintings are just wonderful. I bet the receivers will be over the moon with them.

That is some fancy outfit. I wish I had one like that, I'd wear it every chance I got, but I'm sure there was a reason she was danged if I know what it could be either.A rodeo in town or Wild West show? I love the gal on the horse with the scarf tied around her head. Looks quite jaunty. Any idea location of the pictures?

Jennifer said...

I always am so excited when I finally find that long lost piece! That will be fun to paint and I can only imagine some great name you will give it!

Anonymous said...

Great old photos - I can see why you are curious about the stories behind them. I don't think the open-toed boots are boots. I think she has shoes on with leggings to make it look like boots. There is a gap just behind the white of the shoe.
Maybe a costume party?

ringadal said...

I love the photos. I bet the cowboy outfit was for a founder's day celebration. We have a photo like that somewhere buried in my parent's stack. They used to have elaborate founder day's celebrations years ago. All of the town dressed up and often the men grew beards for the occasion. That is what sticks in my mind about my parents' photo. My dad had a beard, and he NEVER had facial hair.

Cute photo, would love to see what you do with it.

K Spoering said...

You know, Susan, you could be right about Founder's Day. All of the photos are from Kansas, and that used to be a big thing there, too.