Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who would have thought...

... that the sunset could be so gorgeous, when there really wasn't any sun to speak of today? It was inversion-fog-grey all day, and then this sunset appeared. I shot this from my porch just a few minutes ago. Maybe, now that January is past, we will see a more colorful world here. I will take this as a sign!

I decided that I am tired of running a puppy day-care here, and doing nothing but trouble-shooting Booker's next plan of action. So I made myself work a bit in the studio today, in spite of the dog. I got the cartoon for the 'March' tapestry done, and tied the warp on the big loom. I also gessoed down the newspaper pages on a canvas, preparing it to do the piece for the Haiti benefit exhibit. Booker quietly ripped a giant hole through the rug from in front of the entry door. Small price to pay for some work time, I think. (A great deal of 'rug pieces' are spread around the entry way and living room, so I am hoping he didn't eat much, as a vet visit would not be a good thing. Anyway, so far he seems to have the constitution of a goat. And the teeth of an industrial metal shredder.)


Theresa said...

Oh no the dreaded inversion layer. Ashland gets that a lot. I drive down the mountain where it's sunny and all of a sudden I see the whole valley just socked in with fog and freezing fog. My sympathies.
Oh BOOKER! What a rotten thing to do.Grab the nylabone or maybe a treat stuffed rubber ball when you're bored. Not the rug.
Seriously, been there, done that, we who live in a house with no rugs....or throw pillows.

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

When I read your sentence about being tired of running a puppy daycare center, I thought maybe you were going to take a day off by putting him in a real doggy daycare for the day. I have a friend who did that, and it helped he out immensely.
Love your sunset picture. Am hoping for one here someday.

Julia Kelly said...

Glad you got some work done- hope it helped your spirits lift a bit-I know what you mean about "puppy daycare" our two year old white lab- fear goes through my heart if I look down and realize he has snuck off to another part of the house. "Come" "Laydown" and "stay" are the only commands I care he learns and he is not good at any of them!

K Spoering said...

Julia, I think labs and goldens are a lot alike. We've had both, and, although they are very smart (or perhaps because of it) they often seem to weigh the consequences of obedience, and decide disobedience is more fun!
Sherri, I've thought about an occasional day-care day for Booker. I have hired a college student to come walk him a couple of times each week, and that does help him AND me!
Theresa, Thanks for your sympathies! Booker does seem to prefer the forbidden, even when the Nylabone is right there beside him. He loves the destruction process! It is his art medium, I think.

Jennifer said...

I understand the constant stress of trouble-shooting the dog and then one day just being tired of it. One does need some time for one's self! I'm glad to hear it wasn't too much destroyed. I will say - as you likely know - there is that golden age of 2 where things change dramatically - it will come one day (I guess if Booker lives that long!) We did find that one day a week at doggie daycare helped a great deal with Shadow's energy. At the very least, that one night was complete bliss while he slept for 12 hours!