Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In keeping with the Colors of February posting by Life Looms Large, I am posting this photo I took of Gus looking at some beautiful tulips my husband's office sent to cheer us up when we returned home the other day. I love the photo. I like how the backlighting made the whole background just disappear, so there is just Gus and the flowers. I know the photo isn't really out in nature, but our outside natural world is still pretty much just grey. I did see a crocus leaf peeking through the ground yesterday, so maybe this interminable winter will one day end, after all! The tulips give me hope.


Jennifer said...

Nature produced the tulips - so I think it counts! Most of my pics from San Diego were installed landscaping, and I rationalized the same. Nature still created the plant even if man placed it someplace out of it's natural setting!

K Spoering said...

Yeah, I guess Gus could be considered to be 'natural,' too. As natural as a cat can be, at any rate!

Life Looms Large said...

That is a really cool photo!!! I definitely needed a burst of color after a very gray rainy day today!!

Pets count as nature too! Especially cats...they definitely have wildness!

Thanks for sharing your colors!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous photo :)

Funny reading about your winter when it's so hot here in Australia!

OzWeaver said...

What a great photo! I wondered how you got rid of the background!