Wednesday, March 31, 2010



At this time of the month, I always think, 'I really should have something new to hang in my space in the gallery for next month.' I wish I would think of it sooner, as paintings do not dry as quickly as they need to, when I have procrastinated this long!

My daffodils are blooming, about two weeks late this year. There are also a few hyacinths and tulips starting to open up! Must be spring - tho' the forecast says snow for the next few days.

Anyway, I picked a few daffodils to paint this morning. The small painting is seen above, and below are steps in it's creation. It is 8x8", oil on gallery wrapped canvas, which has sides painted to match the background, so won't require framing.

This is the acrylic underpainting. It was pre-done, so was completely dry.

This is the background, blocked in, then the positive spaces (flower and vase shapes), wiped back to the underpainting. This wiping out is both in lieu of a drawing, and to keep the paint from being too heavy in those areas, thus requiring even more drying time.

This was with all the positive spaces painted in. After this, though, I felt something was missing to make the composition 'work.' I didn't want to make it more complex, however, so just added the triangular shaped 'mat' under the vase, as you can see in the final painting at the top of the post. So... a tiny piece of spring for my gallery wall space!

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Jennifer said...

What a happy bit of spring! Thanks for sharing the process also!