Monday, March 8, 2010

A new week...

As a new work week begins, I am at the computer, instead of at the loom or the easel, where I am itching to be. I am getting my taxes ready for our appointment with the accountant, which will be later in the week.

Here is what I got woven on the "March" tapestry last week. It's about half as much as my goal, which you can see as red marks on the sides of the cartoon. I ended up un-weaving and re-weaving a good bit, which I rarely do. If I ever un-and re-weave, though, it is at the beginning of a piece. It happens when I just can't get the colors to look like I want them to.

When I design a tapestry, there is almost always a challenge involved for me. Otherwise, I think I would not enjoy it as much as I do. The challenge of this piece is that it is a very hard-edged design, as you can see from the cartoon. I did that purposely, but it is very unlike what I usually do. I like soft and lost-and-found edges, which require a lot of close color blends and hachure. So when I started this, the hard edges really bothered me, I couldn't see it as flowers. All the shapes just look like abstract shapes. So I am just going to have to trust my design, and keep weaving, hoping the tapestry will read like I want it too. I guess this tapestry's true challenge for me is one of trust, more that anything else.

It is snowing this morning. Most of the winter snow had melted, and leaves of the spring bulbs are peeking through the ground. Booker's yard had actually dried out, so he wasn't tracking in mud all day long. But the snow seems to be back, and it is forcasted to come and go all week long. I'm OK with it, though. It is pretty again, now that we've had a taste of spring, and I can believe the winter may actually end soon. Spring snow is more forgivable than a long winter's snow, as we've had this year. So this is what I'm seeing from my sitting room window, when I look up from my receipts and scribbled accounts this morning. I may even build a little fire in the fireplace to boost my productivity... or maybe it would just make me sit and stare into the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and never getting my taxes done at all.

Well, I have taken a long enough break to visit with you this morning. Taxes wait for no-one. Not even me! By the way, I do not mind doing my taxes. Looking over my receipts is like a walk down memory lane, I am remembering all the work related things I did this past year: the Connections exhibit, selling a couple of tapestries, the many paintings I did, including one that now hangs in the new hospital addition, several very nice exhibit awards ... and I'm just up to May, so far! It was a pretty good year. (I just hope the accountant agrees, as 'good' does not necessarily mean lucrative.)

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Jennifer said...

That is a great way to look at receipts! I did hear an accountant once talk of reading someone's life through receipts. She considered it a mystery novel. that's very interesting and I guess if one knows what to look for one could