Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here comes April, and I'm just at mid-March!

But isn't that how it always is? I'm always either a step or two behind, or not in step at all! I have at least a dozen very good excuses as to why I am behind where I wanted to be on this 'March' tapestry, of course. They range from plumbing to other quite literal headaches. But I will not bore you with them.

Each time I weave this piece, I enjoy it more and more. I am loving the brighter colors. I am loving sitting at the loom and weaving simple shapes which are large enough that my eyes and my fingers can find and create them! I could say that I am taking longer to weave it because I want to enjoy it for a longer time... I don't think that would be stretching it too much! And the awful truth is, I don't know exactly what I will weave next. That is usually the motivating factor for me to get a tapestry done - I want the loom free for the next piece. I used to have designs almost lined up to weave. I don't know if I am just slowing myself down because of the economy and the lack of demand, or if the painting has taken some of the urgency from my need to weave. Whatever the reason ... I am allowing myself to relax a bit, enjoy the work, and not sweat my own little deadlines.


Marilyn Rea-Menzies said...

Love the colours Kathy, it's looking great.

Jennifer said...

The piece is looking wonderful and I'm so glad that you are enjoying it! I'm not sure that slowing down is such a bad thing. The next piece will come when you are ready for it!

Theresa said...

Think of it as good book and don't begrudge yourself the fun of the moment. The colors are amazing. I could spend a lot of time just looking at all those saffron shades.