Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life is what happens...

...when you're not at the loom 10 hours a day! Believe it or not, I do other things besides weave. I lead a singing group of women at my church, and we have had several performances this past weekend of the holiday music we've been singing. We sound pretty good, and we have a lot of fun together!

It has snowed here the past few days, and my headache is going, going, though not completely gone yet. It's supposed to snow again tonight, so maybe that will end it for good. The snow is beautiful! We get so little snow, I had to go out (in my slippers even) first thing this morning to take some pictures in the garden.

More away-from-the-loom-Life to happen today: cleaning, catching up with laundry, shopping and mailing, and baking a bit for tomorrow's cutting off.

Weavers, go here to see a very clever holiday weaver's video, called The Twelve days of Weaving.

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