Saturday, December 15, 2007


(...which is a phrase I would have sworn I never used, until I heard my grand-daughter imitating me by saying it.)
Look at what came to me today and stunned me out of my lethargy:
(click to enlarge)

So today, I've been hustling! And bustling, too. I've been hall-decking, and am aiming for at least one "Ooooh!" per grandchild. I'm putting out ALL of the "Christmas crap-a-rama" ( which is what my son has been known to call it). The weather has cooperated, and it's very Christmas-y with 4" of snow. The snow laden tree branches look like a second layer of lace through my sitting room window. I've shopped, I've shipped, I've decked-as-if-my-name-was-Martha. Maybe I'll be back in Santa's good graces by the time the day is over... or maybe I'll just be in debt, and tired.

At any rate, happy, happy holidays to all you fellow elves!


amy said...

It is looking great!

Wish we could be there,

OzWeaver said...


I've enjoyed catching with you on your blog! You are an amazing weaver! I am so moved by your seasons works!

We have more in common than I realized! I am in a singing group also, and I also suffer from migraines. I can't believe you worked while you were so sick. I'm impressed with your devotion, or stubbornness (or both!). I too am glad that cold weather has set in to keep the headaches away...

While Santa may have written you about neglecting your holiday preparations, if I don't get to the loom soon, I'll be getting messages from the weaving gods/muses/faeries. I think I'd rather disappoint Santa....well, maybe not!


lyn said...

Girlfriend, you need an eggnog with a bit of rum mixed in!

Have great holidays with lots of "oooohhhs" & "aaahhhs", Kathy!


lorrie said...

might i suggest you un-decorate your tree before we show up? or at least put away your precious ornaments. your grandson has inherited your son's habit of pulling apart our tree. he has already broken 5 ornaments and we have packed up about 2 dozen more. it's really rather sad.