Sunday, December 9, 2007

To the top of the porch, to the top of the...

tapestry! Isn't that how it goes? Well, I have just finished the upper border, except for the hem, which will weave off in a flash tomorrow, right before I clean the studio. I'm convinced that the tradition of having a cutting off was started so that tapestry studios were cleaned up after a tapestry was completed. It's a mess... Cast aside butterflies flying all over the place!

I looked at the upper border and my reaction was like Steve Urkel's: "Did I do THAT?"

I felt so horrible while I wove the entire upper border, I could only focus on the tiny spot I was weaving at any given moment. To have thought of the whole thing would have totally overwhelmed me, and I'd have given up and gone to bed. I am happy to report that it snowed last night, and after the clouds broke, so did my migraine! So I have much to be thankful for!

Here's a picture of the whole upper border. I'll post photos of the cutting off after it happens. I'm pretty anxious to see this tapestry. I have yet to see the whole thing myself! I only see the 10 or so inches that aren't wound around the front beam at any one time.

And now... I am going to bake cookies!


tapestry13 said...

The image of your house, with woodpecker and apple at each side, is just beautiful!! Congratulations on lovingly portraying your family's living space. I look forward to your cutting off and posting images. Again, great job!

lorrie said...

tell me there's going to be grandma maisy's fudge when we get there!
can't wait to see the tapestry in person! :)

K Spoering said...

Nuts or no nuts? (the fudge)

lyn said...

Bravo, Kathy!!!

And, if it's any consolation, I was so glad to hear all of your complaints about how you felt when you were weaving the last bits of this tapestry, because I have felt the same way! I had just thought I wasn't experiencing total weaving bliss since I haven't been weaving for many years. Especially my "cereus expectations" tapestry... when I was weaving in the pollen head area, I kept thinking, what is this crappy mess I am weaving & where am I? But, then you finish it, get it off the loom, and it looks... wonderful! Like childbirth, the pain is forgotten & you begin happily planning for the "next" one!

Can't wait to see the entire tapestry...


lorrie said...

noooooooooo nuts, but a will disagree. but, as we all know, i'm the one that matters. ;)