Friday, December 21, 2007

Someone's in the kitchen with Grandma...

I've been in the kitchen all day, but I haven't been alone. I had my Grandma Maisie, in the form of her much requested Fudge recipe, and my Grandma Crown, both with her traditional red devil's food cake, and the smell of baking bread. Both of my grandmothers are no longer on this earth, physically. But I have felt very close to them today. My paternal grandmother (Grandma Maisie) taught me to make the fudge she was known for making. And my maternal grandmother always had some "red cake" in her freezer for visitors, and she NEVER served 'store-bought' bread.
So, today I made fudge, one batch without nuts, and one with, for those of us who always 'feel like a nut.'

And I baked a red cake, which will tomorrow be cut in half; half frosted in Grandma's traditional brown sugar frosting, and the other half with white cream cheese icing. Both halves will be topped with sprinkles, star shaped candles (2 on one, 4 on the other) and vintage plastic cake figures. We are having a double birthday party tomorrow evening, so these cakes must be ready!

And, because good home-made bread for breakfast toast is a handed down "grandma's duty,' I baked a loaf of apple cinnamon oatmeal bread. Mmmmm, can you smell it? It promises to make the best toast!

Thanks, Grandma (both of you). It was good to spend time in the kitchen with you again!

As my Christmas gift to you, if you click on the photo above, I believe you can get my Grandma Maisie's never-fail fudge recipe!


lorrie said...

fuuuuuuuuudge! i can't wait. :)

tapestry13 said...

Hi Kathy,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
I'm printing out Grandma Maisie's fudge recipe right now...and, by the way--my Mother's name was Maisie Hazel!
Have a wonderfully happy time with your family...I know times and doings with Grandma Kathy will be remembered long by your beloved grandchildren!!