Thursday, December 13, 2007

More pictures from cutting off...

As I said, most of the photos I took yesterday didn't turn out well. But I did get tolerable pictures of two tapestries a couple of my workshop students brought to show(though they do not show the tapestries near as perfect as they really are). Carl brought the lovely blue night landscape, and Sally brought the red boat house one. Not only were they both beautifully done, but mounted in lovely ways, as well. I can't believe how quickly the students I have had in this past year are weaving wonderful things! It took me much longer to produce anything that nice. They must have had a good teacher - but, hey wait a minute, since I'm self-taught, I had the same teacher they have! They must just be quicker learners than I was.

Here are the Four Seasons tapestries together 'publicly' for the first time:
(I can't get them very big, but you can click on them to see them larger. And the Fall one is not as good a quality photo, as it was shot with indoor, not professional, lighting. Will get that done after slits are sewn, etc. Scroll down to the previous post to see the Fall tapestry alone.)

They are each 56" high, and the two outside ones (Winter and Fall) are 36" wide. The inner ones are 33" wide. Not a small grouping! If anyone has any ideas of places where I can exhibit them together (after the February exhibit), PLEASE contact me!

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yarnplayer said...

Absolutely wonderful! I like the student's work too!