Monday, December 3, 2007

What is this mess...

...and what am I going to do with it? This is what I'm looking at today - ALL day. And I have to make sense of it, and weave it. This is the cartoon of the upper border, showing through the warp threads, which I am keeping my nose to (as in, this is my personal 'grindstone') all of today, and tomorrow, and the next day... until it's done! I look at it and weave, then I look at it and think, 'what on earth is THAT supposed to be?' That's when I decide to get up from the loom, stretch and take a 5-minute coffee or computer break, then back at it.

I have about 9 linear inches to weave, plus a hem, before I can cut this tapestry from the loom. It's 36" wide, so that's about 360 square inches of complex, visually confusing tapestry work. And I'm trying to meet a December 15th entry deadline. So I want to cut off next week. Hopefully Wednesday afternoon, if I'm not cross-eyed and unable to stand upright by then. I've been weaving about 3 hours so far today. It looks like I'll be at it much, much longer, if I'm to get the 2 linear inches I need to complete today done 'before I sleep.' Miles to go. Miles and miles and miles... well, in tapestry terms anyway. In reality, it will be only 72 square inches that I need to weave today. Sigh. Like I said, 'miles to go before I sleep.'

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