Wednesday, November 12, 2008

High desert walk with my honey...

In addition to going for a walk in the high desert west of town yesterday (can't call it a hike, because we were going at our old dog's pace - more of a mosey, really), I had a creative brain attack which resulted in a tapestry design (which I will share with you later if it works out), picked up about four billion fallen crab apples (about a fifth of what need picking up.... truly no exaggeration), picked out a song that I couldn't find music for on the keyboard and wrote it up in two-parts for my womens singing group, did some work on the ATA exhibit I'm working on, and invented a pretty good meatloaf recipe.

And this morning, I just wrote the longest run-on-sentence ever posted by a literate blogger! Truly, it is so awful, I must just leave it for you to admire.

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