Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wooster painting

I started this oil painting back in August sometime. It is pretty large (16x20") and all that green stuff got the best of me and I put it aside shortly after I began it. So the past few days, I pulled it out again and decided to finish it. I'm not too excited about it even yet, but I'm happy to have finished it, at any rate. Still too much green, but that's what the lake in summer time is... green!
Now I can happily move on to something else...

p.s. I still can't seem to get good digital photos of wet oil paintings! The color is much richer than this shows... still green, though.


J. Austin - said...

That's why I've never liked doing landscapes in summer, just too green. Winter is my favorite time to paint landscapes, such subtle colors.

Reminds me of why I started cutting up my own paintings, there is always some part I can't resist; in this case I just LOVE that tree on the right side!

K Spoering said...

Yeah, Jan. I think the tree is the most painterly part. When it all dries, I intend to take a big brush to a lot more of it and put some heavy paint and brushstrokes in more areas... then try to get a better photo!