Saturday, November 15, 2008

Waxing & Waning...

I took these two photos of the full moon up at our cabin last night. I love how the moon looks like an ornament in the tree. As I shot the photos, cool and crisp fall night air surrounded me, and I thought of my new projects, and of several other projects I am at work on. All are related, as is always the case. But some of them have more of my attention than others do. Some are demanding my attention simply because the time is ripe for them to be done... They are at full moon stage, I guess. Others demand my attention because I have a passion for them.

Passion... that is the subject of my newest tapestry project. I am fascinated by it, by how it waxes and wanes, comes in and out of season. What I once did with a passion that kept me motivated, I now often discover I have little passion for. I began allowing these thoughts to come to the front of my mind (though they have been in the middle or back already for some time) after I watched a production of Vita Sackville-West's "All Passion Spent" recently. A lovely production! It 'gave me permission' to admit that the things I once did so passionately, I really no longer feel passionate about. For instance, I was once a PTA secretary, and I did that job with passion; I was once a guild president, and I also gave my all to the tasks the job required, with enthusiasm. But I have no passion to do either of those things again.

Right now, perhaps because I have so many other irons in the fire, my passion is begging me to pick up the pen and write again. My head is filled with dialogue! But it must wait a bit. The time is not quite yet right to write. (Ha! See how clever I could be with words, given the chance?) I have miles yet to go before I can lay several of my other tasks to bed and call them done.

In the future, I must pay a bit more attention to my passion. It sends me fairly clear messages, and as I mature (at this late date), the messages are brighter. In fact, right now they are coming at me in shades of red and I am weaving them into a tapestry.

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ringa dal said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am so happy that at least one person looks at it ! : ) My cold is gone, my kids are finally well, and today is the first day I have had to myself in weeks.

As I read your blog, I was struck by how many interests you have. I have so many to juggle, that I sometimes scramble from one thing to another. (knitting, weaving, sewing, painting, my horse, many things to do, so little spare time ! )

I love your blog and read it regularly even if I don't always post a response. LIke you, I am SO EXCITED about the new president.

Take care,

Susan @ ringadal