Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's been going on...

(Which, by the way, is the name of a wonderful Amos Lee song, which I'm listening to as I type.)
I have been busy with lots of this and that. I am working on my small Mirrix loom, on a piece based on an abstract painting I did last spring, in a fit of needing to do something red. Here is the beginning of the tapestry, which will be called "All Passion Spent."
The photo at the top of the post shows my loom, which I bungee to a travel easel so I can work on it at a slant, putting the working area basically in my lap at a very nice working angle.

I am also working on the ATA Small Tapestry exhibit. If you are still planning on entering, there's a link to the prospectus at the right, but Get Busy, Folks! The entry due date is VERY soon!

Yesterday I spent an hour between home and ATA related errands to go paint with an Alzheimer's "Memories in the Making" group. I look forward to doing this on a regular basis, as my schedule opens up.

And finally, I am knitting the grandkid sweaters in the evenings. The evening is my sit-and-relax time, so it is a great time to think of these precious four, and knit prayers into their annual winter sweaters. Of course, I am never able to find a sweater pattern that suits the vision I have for each child's sweater, plus the available yarn I want to use. So I end up custom designing each one - which is a fun challenge, but it slows the process down quite a bit. I have three of the four knit, but not put together yet (I procrastinate on that, as it is my least favorite part.)

So that, plus the house and yard stuff, and working on holiday music with the women's acapella group I lead, and miscellaneous coffee meetings with friends, etc... is pretty much what's been going on here. What's going on with you?


Miss 376 said...

I have yet to find anyone that enjoys sewing knitting up. I am sure the grandchildren appreciate the effort though

Anonymous said...

I'm in FL sitting on the beach waiting for Thanksgiving and wishing it was as warm as Colorado!

Other than that, looking at your pics and staring at a tapestry above the dining table wondering how to incorporate tapestry techniques into how I am weaving conductive thread into fabric for a garment. Yes, I have much to learn.

K Spoering said...

Yes, Lynne, Colorado is unreasonably warm this fall! It seems so much like September, at the latest, that I was shocked yesterday when someone mentioned that Thanksgiving is NEXT week! These warm falls usually give us unreasonably cold and long winters, which are also not 'natural' here. Ah, the 'perks' of global warming!

lorrie! said...

i taught myself the purl stitch! i'm on a roll!

Margaret said...

I love getting a chance to see a work in progress like this, Kate. Great pictures!