Monday, November 24, 2008

What's been going on... two, or too?

Annnywaay... Here is where I am starting today with the small 'Passion' tapestry. I hope to weave another inch or two up the warp today, but I also hope to ship holiday gifts overseas (not yet wrapped), go to the grocery store (no turkey, or even milk in the fridge), and sweep up 'dust doggies' that are "everywhere, they're everywhere!" So we'll see how much weaving gets done. This piece must be done before Thanksgiving though, and someone told me that it's this Thursday! Isn't that, like, three days from now?

And yes, for those who noticed and are wondering, those kitty print legs under the loom are my pajama pants. I often get quite a bit done in my jammies in the mornings, before stopping to work out and clean up. Ah, the perks of working at home!

And speaking of working at home; here's what my computer desk looks like anymore. This cat sticks to me like glue. I have found that sometimes it is smart to stop and play his frantic games with him for 10 or 15 minutes, then he will, exhausted, take a catnap for a few hours and leave me to get something done. His favorite places are where I am, though. When I'm at the computer, this is his spot. When I'm at the loom, he is under my chair.

Well, quite enough procrastinating for this busy day. I'm off and running! (Guess that means the jammies must go...)


Anonymous said...

that's his contribution to your work--forced 15 minute breaks! --Ry

Miss 376 said...

Had problems getting unstuck from my cat today, he kept sitting on my hands as I was trying to transfer patterns. Love the progress on the tapestry

Kimberly said...

One of our cats looks just like yours. And he too sticks to me like glue. If we go out of town for a day or so (with a friend checking in on them), oh boy! When we get back, I can't leave the room without him crying for me. DH laughs at us!