Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day four, Maine...

When we got up early to get ready to go to Monhegan, we found that it was raining hard, and was supposed to rain all day. In fact, weather forecasted snow 'in the high country.' Now, I'm sure Maine has some 'high country' but we didn't see any. (The man we rented the cabin from told us the name of the 'high mountain' across the lake but, look as hard as we could, we could only see a nice little hill.) Due to the weather, we decided it was not a day for a ferry ride to an island with most facilities shut down for the season.

In fact, it seemed to be a perfect day to go to Rockland to visit the Farnsworth Museum and the Wyeth Center. So that's what we did. I love all of the Wyeths' work; I love N.C. Wyeth's book illustrations, Andrew Wyeth's interiors and portraits, and Jamie Wyeth's seagulls, dogs and cows. In fact, the one print I have hanging in my house is of Andrew Wyeth's dog on the bed in the Olsen House. The dog looks just like Wooster, who used to sneak up onto our bed, which had a bedspread on it just like the one in the painting! We saw lovely work by each of the Wyeths! I found that, on the rest of our time in Maine, I was taking lots of shots of seagulls, which I have previously found to be uninspiring birds.
Of course, we were not allowed to photograph anything in the museums (and the docents there are very paranoid and grumpy, we thought - even to people like us, who had NO intention of doing anything 'wrong.' Lighten up, docents! You are surrounded by beautiful ART - smile and enjoy it!) Unfortunately, the Olsen House was closed for the season. We thought about going anyway and just staring at the scene of "Christina's World" through the gate, but the weather didn't encourage it.

There is an old house that was donated to the Farnsworth and is a part of it. We were allowed to take photos there, so got some nice still life and interior shots there. And the docent there was delightful! Both of the artists I was with are primarily still-life artists, and I think they got some lovely material there.

I have been wanting to paint some interiors, but don't know that I would want to do anything this 'fussy.'

It wasn't a day to 'collect' much in the way of photos, though I did get a few I really like, such as this man in slicker and wellies. We don't see that here where it rarely rains.

We looked around a bit in Rockland, and my seafood for the day was a big bowl of the largest mussels I've ever had. Quite tasty! We headed back to the cabin early, to build a fire and toast some marshmallows and get things ready for an early morning drive to Acadia National Park the next day.

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hockeygirl said...

I'm very much enjoying your Maine posts so far. Your pictures are wonderful! I can see some amazing art will come from these pictures!