Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last leaf of autumn...

... meets the first flake of snow.

This is a picture from the sitting room window last night, as the first snow of the season was falling. It's actually a fairly impressive snow for us. We're NOT Denver, who gets impressive snows as a matter of course, and their snow doesn't melt by 10 a.m., as ours generally does. And 'impressive' to us is a dusting on the ground, while it sounds like they really are getting hit today, with 8-10 inches expected to accumulate.

This is Booker's first snow. When I put him out into his yard this morning, he hunkered down and barked at it for a bit. How dare such a thing invade his yard? Then he tentatively went up to a bit and tasted it. Mmmmm, tasty and wet! So it has his permission to stay for a bit, though I'm betting we'll go through the barking at it bit a few more times before it melts.

I love it when the fall color and the first snow overlap! Here is the tree from our sitting room window this morning.

I'm hoping for a few more minutes at the loom today. Every tiny bit helps! I am determined that the "January" tapestry will be off the loom by mid-November, even if I have to start staying up nights to weave. (Of course, the problem with that is that whatever I weave at night, I generally have to un-weave and re-weave by day, so not the best of all solutions! )

In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for a "November" tapestry image soon! I think I'll find an "October" one among those I took in Maine.


Jennifer said...

My first thought when you said snow is "What did Booker do?" Our old Shepherd would become a puppy when it snowed. I don't know exactly what it was but he'd run around like crazy.

I can't imaging snow this early. We MIGHT get something in January or Feburary - but even then just an inch. There's still a possibility of 75F in November! Still, it would be nice to get snow regularly. I love it also!

K Spoering said...

This is early for snow here, too. Although it's often nasty and cold and wet on Halloween. then we'll get a real 'Indian Summer' before Thanksgiving. Snow is a pretty rare event here at any time. It's a nice distraction - though messy with a puppy running in and out. My floors are awful!

Theresa said...

We've had snow too here, maybe 3 inches at most for one storm, but it does seem early. The trees have not shed their fall leaves yet and some are still more green than they gold.
Cute about Booker, just wait until he has some to sink his feet into!