Monday, October 19, 2009

Day two, Maine...

When we woke up on our first day in the cabin, we looked out the window to the still lake, where the colors on the trees were just beginning to change. We'd not seen where we were the night before, as we didn't get to the cabin until after midnight. There were birds on the lake that looked like loons, but they were awfully quiet for loons, so we still aren't sure what they were. We got ourselves ready and decided to spend our first day in and around the Camden/Rockport area, which was close by. We found the Rockport Breakwater Lighthouse, and could also see the one on Owl's Point from there. We are serious lighthouse fans, as we just don't have them in Colorado!

Also at the lighthouse were seals, and we started filling our pockets with shells and rocks on the beach.

We then went into town by the harbor, as we were craving seafood. My seafood for the day was a great clam roll.
After lunch, we took photos of people,

boats (and, in my case, more people in boats),

and anything with lovely shadows or fall colors.

My friends told me to get some great boat shots so I can weave another boat tapestry to get stolen. Not funny! We were on one of our art trips when I took the photo that inspired me to weave "Rockport Skiffs", but that was in Rockport, Massachusetts.

All in all, I took over 400 photos that day, but have since pared them down a bit. I will spare you the lot of them, and will just share these for now.


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures. The birds might have been comorants or grebes

K Spoering said...

Not cormorants, which we saw on the beaches, but I did think of grebes. The cabin owner told us there were loons on the lake, though, and they may have been quieter because of the cold? Didn't make sense to us...

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love Maine. Thanks for the photos!