Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just FOCUS!!!

Here it is October, a week into it even, and I still am only at a bit beyond the halfway point of my tapestry. So why is that? I could offer excuses, and I'm sure I could come up with a lot of them, but the truth is, I have been trying to focus. Obviously, I've not been focusing on the tapestry. But I have come to the clear understanding that I can no longer do everything I want to do, so I'm prioritizing. And the top of my priority list is always the thing that seems to be hollering the loudest at me at the time. So I try to focus on that one thing, and not worry and fret about the things I'm not able to get to.

In the past month I have focused on getting the Connections exhibit wrapped up. Thanks to ALL of you who participated in it in any way! The tapestries are on their way home to the artists, and we can all look forward to the next one, in 2011. Start planning your entries!

I also made the choice in June to become a part of a gallery that requires a one year commitment. They want my paintings, so I have had to spend a lot of focused time painting and framing, etc.

Of course, we also brought Booker into the family, and he demands a lot of my focus. More than anything else right now, in fact.

And this week, as I get ready to leave for Maine on Saturday, I have been trying to spend some time learning how to literally focus with our new camera. I want to come home with images to paint and to weave, as well as to remember a wonderful trip with good friends.

So the key word is FOCUS!

(I took the top photo in my rearview mirror. The lower one is one of many available to customize at


Jennifer said...

I understand! It's like that discussion on setting goals with Tommye - if thre's no focus or goals nothing really gets accomplished. The nice tihng is realizing that I have the option and am not just floating along at other's whims! Enjoy Maine!

Laura K. Aiken - Mosaics said...

Good luck on the focusing thing. Keep us up-to-date. Now that my studio is at another location instead of my home, my focus is improving. No computer, and other artists are always around. There is actually human people to chat with. I love it. My inner voice is also screaming to paint and draw. I am really trying to get to the point where I can do just that for a while. Good luck to you.

lorrie! said...

i hope you weren't driving when you took that photo. ;)

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Have a great time in Maine! I envy you. After Western NC (yes, to me that's a separate state from the whole of NC--just like North Georgia is also separate from the rest of the state), Maine is my desired home-away-from-home.

Are you going to be near Monhegan? Steven Aimone and his wife have a summer to fall teaching studio in Monhegan. He's the artist with whom Pat Williams & I had a fantastic learning experience at his Asheville, NC studio last year.

Have a great time.

Theresa said...

Enjoy your trip to Maine! If you don't see an actual moose you'll at least see a lot of bumper sticker moose. :Warning Brake for Moose it could save your life. and they mean it.
Lovely blog.

K Spoering said...

You're right, Jennifer. It's knowing that what you're doing is what YOU want and need to be doing that makes the difference!

Laura, I've thought about the away-from-home-studio thing, but have never tried it. I always seem to have a need to be in both places at once (home and studio).

I wasn't driving, Lorrie. (Look, grandma can drive with no hands!)

Tommye, we do plan to go to Monhegan. And, based on your acclaim, I just bought S. Aimone's second book, which I hope to delve into when I get home.