Friday, October 23, 2009

Day six, Maine...

On our last day in Maine, we had several things we had wanted to do all week, but hadn't yet done, so we set out to see if we could find them. We'd tried to find the Pemaquid Point Light earlier in the week, but the Maine lack-of-signage got us lost (that's our excuse, and we'll stick to it!) So we headed out to find it again. On our way, we saw a sign that said "Farmer's Market Today" so we had to go there first. Of course, there was one too few signs, so it took us awhile. When there, we bought some terrific local products, and got some lovely photos. The 'blue pumpkin' above was one of them.

We did also finally find the Light, and a nearby gift shop was having an end of season sale, so we had to go there as well!

As we headed back into Rockport, where we wanted to find a juried Craft Exhibit we'd been seeing signs for all week, we stopped so one of my friends could photograph a lovely house and barn. This sheep watched us the whole time we were stopped. He quite cracked me up! In fact, I still smile to look at him.

The Craft Exhibit was in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art which is a lovely facility! The volunteers who staff the facility are equally lovely, and the exhibit was filled with beautiful work. The only tapestries there were by an artist who does rag rugs in tapestry. They inspired me to want to do some rugs again. The center's motto was painted on the wall: "Fear No Art." We discussed what it might mean, but decided it would mean different things to each of us, which was provoking.

Back behind the Art center is Rockport Harbor. I took a series of photos around the harbor and attached them so you can see what the lovely little Maine harbors look like. Just off the point of this harbor (at the far right end of the pictures) is Clark Island, with a Light on it.

Lincolnville Beach was our next stop. We didn't feel that we had collected enough shells and rocks to make our bags as smelly as those we usually bring home, so we needed to collect more. And one of my friends makes beautiful jewelry from beach stones and glass, so she was on a quest.

The beach was lovely, more stones and shells than sand, and it yielded soggy pockets full of treasures for each of us. When we got there the tide was still in, so we collected a bit, then went to the Lobster Pound beside the beach. The lobster in Maine is huge and succulent - my mouth is watering just remembering it!

After lunch, the tide was low, so we scrounged a bit more, then headed back to the cabin to see if everything would fit in our bags for the trip home early the next day. BARELY, in all cases!

We said goodbye to Maine the next day. A lovely trip. Thank you, beautiful Maine! I will be back... I still want to go to Monhegan Island; I want to spend more time in Acadia; we didn't get down south at all, and the Winslow Homer home and studio will open someday soon in Prout's
Neck. And I will need a lobster fix that Colorado restaurants just can't fulfill!

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