Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day three, Maine...

On our third day in Maine, we went a bit further to the lovely town of Wiscasset, on the Sheepscot river. Aren't those names wonderful? You just expect wondrous things when you go to a place with a name like that; and wondrous things were found!

We started out at an antique book store. The walls were filled with beautifully bound books, and when we told the lovely proprietor that we were artists in search of images, she told us to take as many photos as we liked, and even made sure we saw the wall of beautifully British bound childrens' books. We had a marvelous time there!

After working up an appetite, we went to the world famous (and rightly so) Red's Eats for their lobster rolls. They were piled high with succulent meat, 'over a lobster and a half in each roll'. The people in line were from all over the world, and all were charming. This lady was a local, there to get her last lobster roll of the season, as it was Red's last day until spring. She was a delight to visit with, and kindly allowed me to take her photo in her unique lobster hat.

After lunch, we had to work off all that lobster before we could get some 'house-made' ice cream, so we hit up some more shops, searching for still-lifes with light and shadows.

This house fascinated me. In fact, I love all of the New England style houses with their attached barns. But this one also had an old cemetery in the front yard. It was one of several we saw with 'attached' graveyard. I wonder if it had once been the parsonage?

By then, jet-lag and late nights had set in, so we went to a grocer for food to take to the cabin for a quiet dinner in. Again, I am sparing you several hundreds of the photos I took that day! Back at the cabin, we ate and deleted the less than perfect photos from our cameras, and did a bit of sketching. Then we went to bed early, planning to get up and catch the first ferry to Monhegan Island the next day.


Jennifer said...

So, did you buy the book - "The Practical Book of Tapestries"??? What a great vacation!

Theresa said...

Oh my, thank you so much for this lovely tour through Maine. I get quite homesick but between you and Sue at Life Looms Large, I am quite happy with my New England fix! That looks like a great bookstore. Just love the used ones you find in little Maine towns.
Hope you enjoyed your lobster roll. It's my favorite way to eat lobster.
Beautiful little painting BTW in the following post.
It seems like this trip was truly inspirational.

tommye said...

OH--we had wonderful lobster rolls at Red's, too! Did you get to Young's Lobster Pound?

K Spoering said...

Jennifer, I didn't buy it - yet. I didn't want to pack it all the way home, but am still considering mail ordering it. I'm just not sure how many more books my house will hold. Is there a limit? If so, I've probably reached it!

Tommye, we did eat at a wonderful Lobster Pound on Lincolnville beach. I don't know the name of it though.

J. Austin - said...

About the cemetery in the yard: in RI most of the old cemeteries are just in someone's yard or farm, not necessarily near a church. Some are just one family,some not. There are hundreds of these small cemeteries, some overgrown with vines.

Enjoying your image gathering reports!