Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving on...

I am finishing up all the work for the miniatures exhibit at the Blue Pig gallery, which will take place through the months of November and December. I'm framing, etc., today, but will not paint anything more, though I have zillions of paintings floating through my head, especially when I'm trying to sleep at night. Too much! ¡¡Demasiado!!

I am going to move on to other things - the tapestry on the loom beckons. I have a tapestry commission I need to design. And I have committed to do a portrait of a community leader for a special exhibit for the gallery in January. I have 5 children sweaters and a Linus Project blanket to knit in the next 2 months. And Booker still takes up a good bit of my time and energy. I got up from the table to answer the phone this morning, and when I came back he was on my chair eating my cereal. I am hoping Gussie is whispering to him to 'Be Good' in the photo below, but I think he's just licking Booker's ears.

The painting above is 5x5" and is called, "Three Little Blue Pigs." It is oil on board.


Jennifer said...

Your paintings are beautiful - but I look forward to the tapestries!!!

Booker is beautiful! I understand about time and energy for him. Shadow still takes a lot, but we're settling into a routine. I'm sure yours changes everyday!

Theresa said...

LOL, some day when he's older you'll long for the days of youth and mischief! Love the blue pigs. I hope the exhibit is on line.
Like Jennifer, I am looking forward to the tapestries.