Thursday, October 29, 2009

Planning ahead...

When I weave, I am either thinking of what 'comes next' technically in the piece I'm working on or, as I near the top, I begin to think of what will come next, design-wise. As in, what will be my next tapestry? I have a commission I will need to consider, but in my own work, I am still thinking in terms of this calendar series I've been doing. I'm weaving January now, and have done February and September. With the month of October coming to an end, I looked back through the Maine photos with an October tapestry in mind. The tapestries are square in format; 18 x 18". January and February were both challenging to weave. September also had it's challenges, but was simpler. I wove it between the two more complex ones. I will definitely be ready for something simpler by the time I finish the January piece and a large commission piece! So I passed over the reflection photos, for now anyway, as I think even considering them might just send me over the edge!

These are two photos I'm considering as possibilities. The one above I like because of the complimentary contrast. It would be the simplest to do. The one below is a photo of a canopy of leaves, which I took for my husband who, being a woodworker, loves oak trees. I've woven a lot of leaves, but not for a long time. I do like the composition of the leaf image.

I like both images, but am not sure that either one is 'IT' yet. Do you see either of these as tapestries?

Or I could merge the two images, sort of like the "September" tapestry. But this is really my least favorite option. What do you think?


Jennifer said...

All three are beautiful and do say October. If I had to pick, I would pick the first, because it is unique. The visuals of fall leaves are so often on the trees - horizontally in front of me or vertically above me. How often does one see a visual of the leaves in water??? I don't automatically think of it and your piece makes me stop to pause. It expands my outlook and stays with me. In fact, last weekend shooting my own pictures I looked down a number of times to see if there were good pictures of leaves in water - got two! The other day driving home I wondered about how to get the shine, transparency and gleam of water in the tapesty. Or how it translates to the soft media. I'd be really interested in seeing how you make it happen. If you don't choose that picture, I'd like to hear your tips for converting those I took to tapestries!

K Spoering said...

Actually, Jennifer, as I look at the options, I think the funnest challenge would be to do the water one, too. I also love weaving 'spots' and there are some fun looking sparkle spots on the water. I'm glad to hear that I inspired you to see something differently. That's the fun thing about these blogs - getting inspiration from each other! I get plenty from your blog, as well!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

I like the leaves on and in water idea. So many beautiful possibilities of light and movement.