Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from our resident blonde!

(Note: no puppy was hurt or in any way humiliated to create this photo.)


Suzy B said...

Thanks for the chuckles and smiles this morning! Your little Booker really is adorable. I know Wooster's presence must be out there somewhere keeping an eye out for the little fellow. (of course, he may also be quietly filling him in on the most fun ways to misbehave!)
As for greeting the Halloween folk....since dogs also identify things/people by shape, as well as smell...sometimes Halloween costumes really are more disturbing to them than to us. One of the funnier things I've seen, is a greyhound trying to engage in play, a life size statue of a greyhound.
Then smell the statue when it refuses to play!
Have a very Happy Halloween...and thanks for writing this blog....I always enjoy coming here.

Theresa said...

LOL LOVED IT! I think you've got a willing dress up partner there.

K Spoering said...

Actually, he's not as willing as he looks! We set the wig on his head, treat close by, and he opted to eat the wig, rather than the treat. This was a job for PhotoShop!